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We offer management consulting services to clients throughout the forest products value chain, from resource providers to end users. Our unique experience allows us to recognise relevant driving forces and assess their impact on client business. We help clients capture strategic opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

One main area of our expertise lies in strategy formulation and execution regarding raw materials, markets and products. For instance, we help our clients find new business prospects in raw materiel procurement or better predict the competitive environment.

Another main area of our skills is to combine our leading-edge industry expertise and management consulting know-how with the best practices in the fields of sustainable ecosystem management and biodiversity protection such as supporting our clients in forest management and chain of custody certification.

Recent study:
Billion hectares of land have potential for forest restoration

We complement the skill set of client organisations with our wide and deep industry specific perspective. Our working methods range from technical analysis to process facilitation and from sparring to scenario workshops. We work well on every level of client organisations. With our unique understanding of the whole forest industry cluster, we can interpret trends or nuances in client business landscapes.


You can find some historical background information about central Eurpoean forestry here

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2018-06-23 01:08 | New research explores the effects fire has on ecosystems and the wildlife species that inhabit them. Scientists examined the impacts of fires of different severity levels on birds and how that changes as the time since fire increases. Scientists looked across 10 fires after they burned through forests in the Sierra Nevada. A key finding was that wildfire had strong, but varied, effects on the density of many of the bird species that were studied.

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2018-06-22 18:45 | A newly graduated forestry technician enjoys the sense of continuity that comes from playing his part in the business his family started 70 years ago.

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2018-06-22 17:11 |

Paper & Beyond, 2018. Where the bioeconomy and circularity meet.

Paper & Beyond is the successor event to what has been known as European Paper Week and will take place in the heart of the European district, in Brussels' Solvay Library, from 16 to 17 October.
It is the premier industry networking event, bringing together representatives of Europe's major pulp and paper producers, manufacturers, customers, suppliers and press.


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2018-06-22 17:05 | Haikou, Hainan, June, 2018—China’s Ministerial Level Coordination Mechanism for Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade  was enhanced through a training workshop jointly -organised by the Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management, State Forestry and Grassland Administration (SFGA), TRAFFIC and the China Wildlife Conservation Association(CWCA).

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2018-06-22 14:30 | They hope to fight the thriving black markets for illegally logged timber.

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2018-06-22 12:48 |

To better support customers, John Deere recently announced new equipment and warranty additions to its forestry certified used program.

The program, which ensures the value and reliability of used forestry equipment, will now include L-Series skidders and wheeled feller bunchers. Additionally, the warranty choices for all certified used skidders and wheeled feller bunchers now include an option to extend up to 12 months, in addition to the existing six-month offering.


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2018-06-22 11:57 | In June 2018, the New Generation Plantations (NGP) platform held a study tour in Uganda. Hosted by the New Forests Company (NFC) and WWF-Uganda, this was NGP?s first African study tour outside South Africa. It brought together more than 50 participants from Uganda and six other African nations, as well as from Europe, China and the Americas. They included representatives from forestry companies, NGOs and the finance sector.The five-day tour included a one-day workshop in Kampala, visits to NFC...

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2018-06-22 01:56 |

Founder of one of Canada’s largest private forests invests with smallholders. Peter Schleifenbaumn is well known in forestry – Besides developing one of the largest privately held forests in Canada – Haliburton Forest – he is known for his leadership in sustainable forest management worldwide. At 100,000 acres, Haliburton Forest was Canada’s first forest certified […]

The post...

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2018-06-21 21:09 |

June 21, 2018  —  LUFKIN, Texas — Angelina Forest Products, LLC recently announced plans to open a $100 million sawmill in Lufkin, Texas.  The softwood mill is expected to be in place by spring of 2019, creating 100 full-time jobs and contributing $52 million to the Texas economy in its first year.  “We made the

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2018-06-21 20:08 | The SDG Report 2018 shares progress on the 2030 Agenda and identifies areas where progress is currently insufficient to meet the SDGs by 2030. The report explores the interlinked nature of the SDGs and finds that conflict, climate change, inequality and persistent areas of poverty and hunger are key challenges in countries’ efforts to achieve the SDGs.

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2018-06-21 19:44 | The EU has agreed to increasing its renewable energy target from 27% to 30% of the energy mix by 2030, alongside an increased energy efficiency target of 32.5%, up from 30%. Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner, highlighted that the increased targets would enable the EU to raise the level of ambition of its NDC to increase its 2030 emission reduction target to 45% from 40% in the current NDC. Civil society organizations have called for the EU to further strengthen its...

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2018-06-21 19:35 | UNEP announced the names of 35 young entrepreneurs and innovators selected for a global competition to identify and support ideas with positive environment impacts. The UNCCD organized a youth engagement event to celebrate the World Day to Combat Desertification and discuss how youth can fight land degradation.

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2018-06-21 19:21 | WWF and partners estimate that actions to meet their 30X30 Challenge can result in 30% of the “climate solutions” needed by 2030. Part of the Global Climate Action Summit, the challenge also aims to encourage greater ambition from national governments through concrete actions from a broad range of stakeholders including businesses, state and local agencies, multilateral organizations, scientists and civil society. Stakeholders are asked to, among others, halve food loss and waste, consume...

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2018-06-21 17:00 | The International Workshop on Global Green Supply Chain of Forest Products and Dialogue with Chinese Leading Timber Enterprises opened in Beijing, China, on 21 June 2018 with the aim of establishing and promoting green timber supply chains. In his opening address, ITTO Executive Director Gerhard Dieterle said that the workshop is central to ITTO’s mandate to promote the expansion of international tropical timber trade from legal and sustainable sources. Dr Dieterle said that Chinese...

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2018-06-21 16:49 | Uganda Plantations for Africa’s Prosperity Study Tour Reveals… The plantation industry potential all over the world is huge. Plantations can provide a route out of poverty for rural communities, contribute to moving fast-growing economies along a sustainable trajectory, take pressure … Continue reading →

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2018-06-21 14:32 |

SP presented two new harvester head models SP 661 E and SP 761 E at Expoforest exhibition in Brazil.

Both heads are specifically designed for harvesting and debarking of plantation grown eucalyptus. Thanks to the state of the art hose routing and heavy duty design in combination with superior debarking efficiency and high speed feeding, the SP 661 E and SP 761 E are built to offer highest productivity, reliability and profitability.


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2018-06-21 13:50 |

As part of the PALFINGER NEXCELLENCE programme, EPSILON is for the first time ever entering a new era of timber loader cranes – the era of digitalisation – with the first, fully functional Smart Control and Virtual Drive prototypes. As a result, PALFINGER EPSILON has made the future a reality by integrating in the EPSILON product range the applications and benefits of electronic assistance systems for crane operators and companies.

This is...

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2018-06-21 11:25 | This summer Olofsfors will release its biggest news in a long time. With the new CoverX, the life of the forestry machine tracks increases significantly.

”CoverX has an unique profile, which doesn’t look like anything else before”, says Daniel Domeij, Marketing Director of Olofsfors.

Exceptional flotation capacity, minimal soil damage, optimum grip on the tires and better tire support. This, along with the sustainability of the crossmember which...

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2018-06-21 11:09 | Kampala, Uganda, 21st June 2018—This week, Uganda played host to the 6th Annual East Africa Timber Trade Stakeholders’ Forum jointly hosted by WWF Uganda and Uganda’s Forestry Sector Support Department under the Ministry of Water and Environment.

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2018-06-21 00:42 | Standing in a pit in the red soil of a mountaintop forest in northern Mozambique, Dr Simon Willcock was dirty but very excited. “Undisturbed forest is incredibly rare,” he said. “That is why we scaled a 125-metre-tall cliff with a pickaxe.”  Source: The Guardian Willcock, from Bangor University in Wales, knew of no other rainforest in Africa that scientists can confidently say has not been disturbed by humans. “It’s a unique site in Africa,” he said, plunging the axe down into the chest-deep...


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